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  1. Thank you both, that is very helpful! Min, I have found a clay online with 19.2% Al2O3 and 1.8% CaO (The clay i used above is 24.7% Al2O3 and 0.19% CaO). Do you think its worth buying some and giving it a go with the stains I have? I will also look for cadmium inclusion stains and alumina pink stains, but I live in the UK, where there doesn’t seem to be a huge range of options. (Only limited Mason stains are available)
  2. Hey all, I have been experimenting with different ceramic stains in the bodies of clay but have really struggled to achieve any of the warm colours. I have read that chromium tin stains require a high concentration of calcium so have added CaCO3 to my samples. You can begin to see some of the purples coming through in some of them. Should i go even higher than 12%? I have also read that clay bodies should have low alumina. The clay body i have been using has 24.7% Al2O3, is this too high? Please see the images of my samples and the stain compositions at the link below: https:/
  3. Hi all, Hi I have been making samples using Scarva Nano Mason Stains (https://www.scarva.com/en/gb/Nano-Leadfree-Glaze-and-Body-Stains/c-51.aspx) to colour the clay body of the Scarva PF700 Stoneware(https://www.scarva.com/en/gb/Scarva-Earthstone-Professional-PF700-Porcelain-White-Stoneware/m-43.aspx). I am firing to cone 8 (1250c) with a soak of 30mins but as you can see in the attached photo the warm colours are not coming through at all. The cool colours are reasonably close to the colours advertised but still off. Can you please advise whether I am doing anything wrong to
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