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Third quarter sales-wow

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Well its looking to be a record quarter just like the second quarter only better. I have had so many orders I have had to say no to some and limit amounts to others. Spread what I can around if you will.

I'm really having troble getting my upcoming  fair  pots put away.

Our Tourist season is over the top this year and covid spending seems endless at this point.

I'm back to pots pots pots-even fishing has been backburnered. 

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This quarter may be my best 3rd quarter ever with my 1st show and over the top tourist /gallery/shop sales.

I'm just finishing raising prices at all outlets (the market SKUs where last as it a bigger deal) Raised prices seem to not done anything to sales to slow them.

Just filled all 9 outlets orders. Hope to get out fishing soon as ocean has been  blowing a gale for weeks here.

super smokey past few days as well.


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After firing two glaze fires (35 cubic and 12 cubic) every weekend for 5 weeks I have my huge wholesale order packed up (20 banana boxes) and enough pots for the out of state art show (same trip) as well as enough wares to fill local demand . The fall slow down in sales started a few weeks ago around here (thank god).Manly retired tourists now and they do not buy as much as families and others.Still some foreign tourists around my gallery owner said yesterday buying pots.

I am able to build up a little backstock finally for the 1st time in 2021.

Xmas is around the corner and need to keep making but just a litte slower and not so crazy.

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