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I know this might be a silly question but I had never thought about it before it had happened.

It was a rookie mistake (I am a rookie myself) but I was trying a new glazing technique and it turned out that my glaze had run thin at some areas and left some exposed clay on the inside of the mug. Though not entirely intended, I do quite like the results and think it looks quite unique. I was just wondering if it is still functional as a mug and food safe or if I should try taking my chances and adding more glaze then re-firing?

This was fired at cone 6. It feels smooth to the touch and glossy in some areas which I imagine are the areas that the glaze that had a little more to give.


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Totally fine, and if you feel the clay where it crawled it usually has a very thin layer of glaze still.  At least mine do.  

Here's a vase where you can see it crawled just under the rim, but it's shiny and smooth still, just not as shiny and smooth as the other places.



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I agree with Sorce about refiring probably making the pooling situation worse. Will it be necessarily harmful to use as is? Probably not. Will it break down eventually because of that thick pool on the bottom? Probably. 
Verdict: use it yourself to find out *exactly* how that works and what it’s like, but don’t sell it or give it away. 

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Thank you all for all the lovely advice and I have definitely learned some new things as well, for instance I had no idea idea about the pooling effect which I find is very useful to know. I am a pretty young potter and new to the whole craft and appreciate all the helpful criticisms! I would obviously never sell or give away this mug but keep as maybe a pencil holder or something along those lines and try again. Pottery is nothing but if not learning from your mistakes.

And to JhonnyK I used a glaze called Floating Orange by OldForgeCreations and an obscure glaze I found on the internet that I took a chance on, I made some adjustments to it as well so it's not exactly something that you can find. Sorry, I can't be more helpful. Most glazes by OldForgeCreation tend to be quite reliable in my short use of them, so take my advice with a grain of salt.

Again, thank you all for the advice, very much appreciate it! :)

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