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  1. I reckon if you get a large enough batch of ash, it could make it worth it to test it for actual composition. But it kinda ruins the interest of the Ash in the first place. Like, you'd quicker make the same glazes with equal additions of Calcium, Potash, etc, from clean sources without the Ash processing step. So it would seem you are running in a giant circle of wasted time just to play with "caustic" ashes! I think you'll find, as I have, that it's faster to fire tests and see, than make calculations and guess, fire then see. I had this thought yesterday.... I love the variables that pottery offers. It is through controlling these variables that we define our pallette. So finding these variables is key. So I can't argue your idea. You are controlling the variables. It's just that you can more quickly find the variables you wish to control with tests on cookies. Then you will also find YOUR variables, YOUR pallette, which is when the additional efforts should be allowed to take your precious time. Sorce
  2. Reckon it's just too variable. Washed and unwashed can have 100 variants. Not to mention the thousands of variants from the tree, soil, blah blah..... Have you peeped the recent Washington Street Studios Youtube Vid on Woodash glazes? It's good! Sorce
  3. I think it's counter productive to think looking at pots is counter productive. That's the mindset I stay in. Sorce
  4. Have you had problems with crackles and outdoors? Breaking off problems? I have been worried about these crackled outdoor planters. Sorce
  5. In regards to figuring why it happened.... Many more info? Fire schedule blah blah... That looks like an odd happening. Sorce
  6. A compressor with a 30gl holding tank. Is it possible more folks are using the spray guns on that line? Not that this has direct relation to your glaze... But you can possibly install small "satellite" holding tanks at each station, this way pressure won't change if everyone is on em. My argument to the community would be that eventually, your inconsistent sprays will lead to ruined shelves and Kilns. Make em spend that $! Sorce
  7. All the pitfired cooking vessels of old I've watched videos on are dug local clay. These are mostly civilizations that probably have guts that can still handle the bacterias produced, where we basically drink hand sanitizer and bathe in bleach. Keep seperate your information on modern flameware bodies, and these old porous vessels. They "work" for different reasons. Sorce
  8. Amen Diesel! What do the Elders say? Without their blessing your energy levels, if not directly compromised, won't be as powerful. I feel like you're looking at the wrong side of this ...... Buffalo Nickel. Sorce
  9. Wire type matters too. Something braided or like the Mudtools Squiggly wire will create a better gap to lift off. A thin smooth wire will just keep it stuck. Sorce
  10. Glaze makes the interior a little "wetter". Especially as opposed to a porous terracotta. I wouldn't glaze the interior. Sorce
  11. I've used a fine tipped slip trailer. Can be drawn with, or sometimes you can angle the piece and flood the line. Sorce
  12. Watch for snakes when you're opening it! They'll find that heat while it's cooling. Sorce
  13. People act crazy with just TALK of supply shortages! You can be selling grams of Cobalt for $100! Lol! Is that Queen or Kingpin!? C.J. Frosty Crystal! Really, there are PEOPLE that are my faves! Folks who do good tests and take good pics and notes. Sorce
  14. Snowed in with time to make every inch count. My daughter started talking about incense holders and I found this to be a great item for the 1.5x8 inch spaces created by my posts. Do you have a filler that doubles as a seller? I am in the process of upping my items per kiln. I figure if I have 32 pots in a 16 hour firing, I'm adding 30 minutes to each pot. I'd like to get that number down to 20 or 10 more minutes per pot. Figured I'd share some doodles to filling my 10x20 Rectangle shelves. I figured 2in for the 1.5inch posts. Incense holders. I'm trying to get my daughter to make these, if they sell at $15 the profit is huge for an eleven year old! Sorce
  15. I feel like it is physically impossible for dryness differences to cause this seperation in these instances. You are applying moisture to this very place of detachment, so moisture will be even there, moving more into the drier piece. Where it stops moving into the drier piece, there will be an expansion difference there, so the crack from 2 seperate drynesses will be somewhere further into the drier piece, or the piece that dried faster after attachment. Handles that attach twice are the reason for this "myth" of 2 drynesses. Different shrinking beast. That's with scratch and water though. Not sure what reactions your "soup" is creating, but I still wouldn't blame the soup. I would work simpler though, scratch and water droplets. Are you pressing up against the bottom while attaching? In the thread Hulk brought up, I blamed trapped air for not allowing a connection. Yours looks to be that bright white spot. I like the push up through trick, but it sounds like a bandaid, and an extra step. Sorce
  16. I recently "threw away" a little plastic shoe bin I was keeping Neph Sye in. Since the new 50# won't fit in it. It was $1. I found it makes no sense to get smaller quantities of anything that is under $50 for a 50# bag. 90% of the time if you can store 5lbs you can store 50, and 90% of the time you're getting hosed on the per lb price smaller than 50, because it is being repackaged. I can't forget this thing Mark C said about repackaging materials, it's a waste of time, plus hazardous. I put 50's inside plastic garbage bags and work right from them with ease. If you can afford to 50 up on the expensive stuff, you can end up side hustling smaller quantities to pay for it when supplies run thin. "Betty the Cobalt Queen" has a nice ring to it! You can probably find under bed storage bins that'll fit a laid down 50. May be even easier to work from. Eh...do the rightest thing as oncest as possible! I fire from 6-10 so I grabbed a bunch of 6-10 recipes off Glazy.com. Narrow your pallette, find the commons, and go 50# everywhere possible. Dunkin Donuts iced coffee cups cut down to excellent scoops. Seems less staticy than plastic 2 liter bottles. https://www.riogrande.com/product/stackable-screen-sifters/350013gp Sorce
  17. Every time, these boys just nailed it! Found a lot of good information at Derek's site/'s too. https://derekau.net/2015/03/19/ash-glazes/ Sorce
  18. Sweep and ....... You ever hear the Bill Burr when he uses that voice and says, "oh, it's pesto"... That's the voice I hear taking about wood ash, "it's caustic, it's caustic". I don't even like that word! Sorce
  19. Test it! You'll probably end up with too much silica, but then you're also just some alumina away from adding clay. I'd try silica sand as a grog maybe. I had a backyard clay hold up at cone 6 until I removed the sand. Sorce
  20. What's your firing schedule like? I use some irony and dirty clays that only slump if fired too fast through burnout. I'd start there then maybe add higher fire clay in small amounts until it's cured. Sorce
  21. I never had a problem until recently when 3 things came together. Fresh Kiln Wash. Too Fast Fire. And Alumina wax on my feet. Seems like the fast firing had the wash and clay in a state at the same time they wouldn't normally be in which made em stick real good, when the pots shrank they popped off. Never a problem otherwise. Sorce
  22. Looks like it slumped to fit the pot! I like it. Sorce
  23. A wonderful time saver! https://youtu.be/btZqkI0z8-U I raku'd this. Blacks out and shimmers! Sorce
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