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  1. god I feel like an idiot...lol... but man am I glad I came to this site before trying to sell it. Thanks for the heads up
  2. Yea it's manual and I guess I shoulda measured. Will do that in the AM. Also when you say furniture I assume you mean those plate doohickeys and those square legs. She has lots of both in all sizes.... ( I'm completely ignorant when it comes to these things, as I'm sure you can tell so I really appreciate your help) Thanks Larry
  3. These are the photos of the kiln... thanks Neil for the app advice
  4. Thanks for the FYI Mea and the phone app advice Neil... I just figured out how to post the pictures in the gallery(I think).I'll also try the suggested app to resize pics so I can post them in the forum. Hopefully someone can let me know what a fair price would be. Then I guess eBay might be the best place to sell it
  5. larro11

    Sitter kiln model LT-3K

    Need help pricing this. I'm trying to sell it for my mother (who doesn't know how to use a computer) she just bought a new one and asked if I would help her sell this one. It's in excellent condition. Everything works and she still has the operating manual. Any help you could give on pricing this fairly for both parties would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  6. My mother has just bought a brand new kiln and has asked me to sell her old one for her ( she's in her 70's and not at all tech savvy). My problem is I have no idea what to price it for. I know it's in excellent working condition. She still has the operating manual as well. I have pictures but It's telling me that each file (picture) is too big. FYI I'm trying to do this all from my phone. Can anyone help me with this? Thank you in advance
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