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  1. I think it's counter productive to think looking at pots is counter productive. That's the mindset I stay in. Sorce
  2. Wire type matters too. Something braided or like the Mudtools Squiggly wire will create a better gap to lift off. A thin smooth wire will just keep it stuck. Sorce
  3. Sweep and ....... You ever hear the Bill Burr when he uses that voice and says, "oh, it's pesto"... That's the voice I hear taking about wood ash, "it's caustic, it's caustic". I don't even like that word! Sorce
  4. I had a Potter Friend pass this year. 102 and used to drill through asbestos kiln lids. Fear Nothing! Sorce
  5. FYI.... You may get more recycling the metals and just selling the shell. Sorce
  6. I'd stick em at best offer and take one! I found a used one I offered dude a hundo for, watched it go down and down in price till he sold it for less than what I offered. Everything on OfferUp still after 2 years, is what NOT to price things at! Sorce
  7. Whatevs! That's fantastic! My spot is kinda generic, more old ignorant littering than history. That stuff looks old old. Sorce
  8. Somewhere near The Brookfield Zoo! What do you find? Sorce
  9. What do you find? Here's some of my stash! Some from Germany, England, and Japan too! Sorce
  10. Depends on how you want them displayed I guess. You can melt their glaze to stick, or melt something lower temp on your clay and stick them with that. I'd love to see the shards juuuuust melted, that would be dope. I find some old Buffalo Pottery from 1912 in a campsite by my River. Sorce
  11. Hey @liambesawdon't know why I read that oval kiln post this go round...but...I would consider Rectangle shelves and utilizing the empty space of the oval for tall things like that birdbath stem. I got a 27inch tall space right next to my upward burner, stuck a 16in vase there the other day, came out like 4 tone, fading up in melt. Really dope. @Mark C. There won't be any "filling the shop" with these! Lol! They call big Bonsai trees 2 man or 4 hand trees, I call this "Four Hand Barbie". Sorce
  12. You could send me down to the river and I wouldn't even need the van! Find a spot where the erosion already carved out most of a kiln in the bank, supreme to find an old dead hollow tree in the back to dig through as a chimney. Light a fire, dig the clay right there, paddle em up, and toss em in! Sorce
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