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  1. Have you ever fired them unglazed? Perhaps it's not the glaze. Some Stains are Body Stains, some are not. Don't know if that applies here with your materials. Sorce
  2. Where were the switches throughout? Note Medium is One Element. Sorce
  3. I would research Glazy, FB, and the rest of the internet to avoid testing things that have been tested. Know what you need to make. Know, not think. Need, not want. I think if you make tiles that allow drips onto your shelf, you should just glaze the shelves straightaway, and buy stock in Kiln Wash. Sorce
  4. I'm confused about "after bisque". Bloated after bisque? Or after Cone 8? If you can get Standard 365 porcelain in Hotlanta, it's good at cone 6. Yours may be ok at 6. I fired a cone 10 Porcelain at 8 and it was well under 1% absorption. The manganese bloats can be lessened with a slow schedule end. I reckon you could find a happy Cone 7 ground with the porcelain in the hot spots and the Mang in the cool. Sorce
  5. Found an older thread on it that died with no answers. No manual available for download? I'd sit with it and the pyro and learn what each increment does. Sorce
  6. I recently became convinced that without a controller, you can't best control this. So at least it's fixable! There is a popular drop and hold schedule for PC glazes, I'd use that. Firing Schedule all day. Not Clay. Sorce
  7. My dream kiln has a firebox that accepts full pallets. I've been using random wood to stoke my gas kiln. It is definitely important to pay attention to what wood heats how much, or cools for that matter. Got a pyro? My buddy made some shelves for a kiln like this in Wisconsin. They should work. Sorce
  8. Seems a little fast. What Clay? It could be gassing off making the bubbles. Could be the "normal" glazes too. Sounds fun Anyway! Sorce
  9. I'm with old school. Guards? I thought those were part of the packaging, like that little paper you gotta remove from inserted batteries! Lol! Gail, of you're already at "rarely", which is way above Par BTW, just make it Never! But seriously, are you grinding pieces or shelves? Toss the piece and wash the shelves! You may not need a grinder! Careful not to go into an unhealthy fear, they're not THAT dangerous! Wear a face shield and be comfortable, lest you catch a finger. Sorce
  10. You can do whatever you want! But.... Lol! Besides for functionality, it's not the porosity that is problematic as much as it is the shrink. If they aren't working, I'd try doing a homogenizing line blend of sorts. As homogenization will bring there characteristics closer. 5% mixed 95% swirl. 10/90, 15/85, etc. Till you find what works if at all. As it may take you into not enough swirl. I think there is more leeway than it seems. Sorce
  11. Was it sgraffito'd too? The white was the same engobe? Why Engobe? I can't put slip(Engobe) over glaze or this happens. Sorce
  12. I recently took this to 9 and it got glossy. https://digitalfire.com/recipe/g2934 Tony writes instructions on how to make it semi-matte at 6. Sorce
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