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  1. Oh Sorce, So cute! Sorry I never saw this notification. I had a chow shepherd before. Sandy Bear passed many years ago.
  2. Hi Roberta, I will check out the buff stoneware clay... sounds interesting. Here are a couple recent pics of a platter using the #65. I think it would look great for your style and colors come out really nice and true.
  3. Hi there, I don't mind at all. I have a 10' x 32' (includes a 6' porch) insulated skid cabin built by local Mennonites. We later added a 14' x 5' extension for a kitchen and shower area. I have a primitive gray water septic. I hand carry water and also have a small RV tank for gravity feed, dishes, hand washing. I love it, though it is small and my slab roller takes up a chunk of the living area! Thought about a container, but for the money and time involved the cabin was the best choice.
  4. Haha, You made me chuckle out loud!!! The woman who has been a potter for over 30 years and in magazines and such (her studio) is a very skilled and precise potter. It’s interesting because she has been working with a buff #50 with Magnesium flecks clay body and had a bowl I really liked. She thought it was “too rough” and it sold that day. What you say is so true. She also thought that piece of mine was a bit off with the glaze and it sold. What I like is texture and natural form and surprises. Just as in the off grid forest lifestyle I live. Nature is rarely neat and tidy, b
  5. Beautiful Roberta! I love the design and colors!
  6. Hi Roberta and thank you! The texture is burlap from some Norway Spruce trees I bought. The flowers are actually bunch berry leaves... they do look like flowers though, haha. I did not wax them. I discovered that some glazes do not run, like Sorce said the Mayco stays put. I used underglazes on the leaves and the celedon mixing clear over the underglaze and since the Mayco Norse Blue and the celedon don't run they "play nice" together. In the past I would have waxed, but I was in a hurry and did not have time to... so it was an experiment. The red berries in the center are also a Mayco Raspbe
  7. Thank you Sorce. This is the idea for sure. Instead of fighting with the qualities I want to embrace them. I will research the chemistry of the Manganese. Not sure how to go about that though. I love the complexity of the medium of clay and glaze. So many paths to explore. And yes for sure each one is a test and it would be wise to test. I did an extensive test plaque and the gave it away because someone liked it, but I forgot to photograph it! Ugh LOL And they are in Canada. I am excited about this last piece which is firing as I write, but will have to wait until the studio is ope
  8. Hi, I have been handbuilding with clay for a couple of years now. I bought a slab roller which is wonderful! Now I'm getting more into the science of glazing. Self taught, (with a well known potter to ask advice from). I am selling well and with each new piece I learn so much. The owner gave me a Laguna #70 to work with and it comes out a deep brown. It has manganese in it and the glazes respond in unusual ways. I have a new piece to glaze which on the underside I practiced burnishing and lots of texture on the inside. My desire is to learn how to work with the beauty of the inherent qualitie
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