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Do I need to put kiln wash on a kiln sitter?

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I'm trying to learn every detail about using my new/old L&L J18 Econokiln. I want to test the kiln sitter before use but the kiln sitter instructions are telling me to put a little kiln wash on the sitter before placing the test cone. I ordered some kiln wash but it hasn't arrived yet. Is it that important to wait to put the kiln wash on before I test it? The tutorials I've watched on YouTube seem to leave out the kiln wash step every time so I'm just kind of wondering if it's that important and if so, do I need to put kiln wash on it every time? 

Is it just to keep the cone from sticking or to protect the kiln sitter?




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Store bought kiln wash is usually very cheaply made and making your own is easy. Read the thread pined to top of page on kiln wash

coating just the cone touch points is all the wash ever needed on a sitter and its not a must do.Once you wash the metal edges where a cone sits it good for a long time.

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You should remain close enough to it for the first firings to not have to just "test" it.

The worst that could happen is you reach some bisquish temps which will be a much more efficient use of your time and energy than firing an empty kiln.

Plus working once doesn't necessarily mean working twice.

Fiddle with how to "reset" it when it falls, which you usually have to do to properly melt your witness cones and reach actual temps.

Hot or cold, you'll want to be there to know where your witness cones are at when the sitter falls.

Usually a 6 in the sitter means a 5 in the kiln. But this can vary greatly.

Here's to 0 mistakes!



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