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IRS has moved the tax day from 4/15 to 7/15

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35 minutes ago, Smokey2 said:

Some states have ordered that accounting business are non-essential and to remain closed


Lets hope they just give up on the whole tax deal and start a flat rate easy tax dfor all.Not much chance for sure

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51 minutes ago, Mark C. said:

Lets hope they just give up on the whole tax deal and start a flat rate easy tax dfor all.Not much chance for sure

I have a better idea, No Income Tax For The Full Year!

Billionaires that pay no taxes won't get anything back while those that do  pay will get back in proportion in what they paid in.

Ok.  both our ideas will never happen, but its fun to think about.


FYI,  Right now I'm at least 6 feet way from both my keyboard and monitor while typing this as I am social distancing myself to avoid getting or passing on the virus. 

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On 3/22/2020 at 9:30 PM, Stephen said:

ha ha, I have never been a late filer. I only worry about taxes one day a year, april 14th. This year its July 14th but my taxes are always filed on time.B)

hey for the first time in ages I went and filed my taxes before the week of the deadline. I don't know why I procrastinate till the last minute every year. After hearing about it so much this week and last I just grabbed my folder at 5 and logged into Turbo Tax and was done by 8. After using them for the past 7 years they are a breeze since everything is there and all I have to do is update it. I do the small business self employed edition to handle both the day job and the pottery business and a years worth of receipts and a square revenue report took me less than two hours on the business and most of that was just organizing and working slowly.

We always make noises about hiring an accountant to take this over but other than the first year setting up everything for depreciation and getting all the categories in place for the business these tax packages make it really simple. Hope your tax day is calm and relaxing as well.  

edit: I got my refund on friday, 7 days.

Edited by Stephen
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