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Every form and technique has its little tricks and such that allow it to happen.  The knowledge and trial and error to figure these tricks out is what makes a pot successful.  Bonsai or platter, doesnt matter.  

I've watched the videos of the masters in every discipline, and they have their procedures and idiosyncrasies.  

The success rates are the same.  A bonsai pot maker does what they have to, to make a bonsai pot.  A platter maker has what they do as well.  Jumping into a discipline head first you will find some things more difficult than others, there is no magic pill to making any form.  Just hard work and years of practice.

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On 4/12/2020 at 6:38 AM, Sorcery said:

As a near exclusive Bonsai Potter, having begun pottery via Bonsai....


@CactusPots hows the bonsai potting coming? 





I'm just going to stick to my original stuff, I think.  I got a big meh on this one.  My plants are just so much more unusual than bonsai that it just doesn't look right.  Again, it's the context.  Oh look, a cactus in a bonsai pot.  I think the general concept I'm working towards is either the pot isn't particularly noticeable or it's part of the overall composition.  What I find get the best reception in my crowd is stuff that is original and no one has ever seen anything like it.



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13 hours ago, Sorcery said:

Those are both dope!

Is the top one for sale?


Referring to the finished piece?  I probably won't sell it, there's a flaw (crack) on the bottom of a foot.

Actually, I'm having a good deal of trouble with this form and my construction techniques.  I'm not sure I want to spend the time to work out the issues.

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We've had quite the conversation here about selling flawed product.  Since our (yours and mine) work is intended to be functional and the flaw doesn't detract from the functionality, I don't really have a problem selling it.  The only problem is that most of my sales are wholesale and I don't want my retailer to be in the position of being confronted by a disappointed buyer.  So it can't go there.  One of my other big users gave the pot a meh also.  Bonsai just isn't my market and I doubt I'll do the work to make it so.

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It can probably be considered handmade (a candle or soap poured into a mould is still considered handmade), but it is not sculpted or one of a kind. I'd probably rather not use moulds, but if I were to, I would state so, along with whether it was pre-made or my own.

As for the off-shoot subject of people appreciating hand-made, it seems to me to have been increasing in popularity within the past decade, especially with millennial hipsters.

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