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  1. Thanks, figured that was the case, just wanted to make sure. I decided a little height might be useful if I make sculptures.
  2. Oh, I didn't see the 28M, so I assumed it was only offered as S or T. Good to know. I'll put it into consideration. I still may opt for the 23 unless I get a great deal and can be sure I'll have ample space where I'll be putting it.
  3. Still haven't managed to get an electrician over yet, but hopefully in the next few days. I also haven't fully decided on which kiln. Trying to figure out whether the L&L E28S, E23M, or E23T will best suit my needs (I notice the E28T doesn't have such a high cone rating, and to continue upgrading would just be too expensive). I'm leaning towards the E23M. I assume the 3" brick versions are preferable? If the cord isn't long enough, is it best to have the outlet moved, try to buy a longer cord, or should it be wired in entirely? I appreciate you all taking the time to advise me. I'm embarra
  4. I greatly appreciate everyones input. Thank you. I'm probably going to get an electrician in just to make sure all is well before making a purchase. But I may be looking at getting an L&L E28S. Quick addional question; is the touchscreen a worthwhile upgrade, or just one more thing to go wrong?
  5. I am entirely new to all of this, and looking to buy my first kiln. I think I want to jump right in and get a kiln that will last in the long term and suit a range or projects. Skutt & L&L seem to be the main kilns of choice, but I am tempted by Olympic because they offer dual media, so I could try glass fusing if I wanted. Do you think it's worth it to go for the Olympic? I hear mixed reviews about them (from it being their favourite of the three brands and they have had for years, to lacking in manufacturing quality). It's also difficult to know what size and extras to go for. I can
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