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Strange "crawling" issue on clear glaze


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I've been facing this strange behavior of this particular clear glaze.

It's not every firing, but some. And even in the same kiln firing, this doesn't happen in some and pretty badly in other pieces.

Any ideas?

Left is the strange one, right is ideal.

No wax, no lotion, no dirty that's been sitting on it (pieces are all wiped clean before glazing).


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I am also in agreement that the one on the left looks too thick. I would advise developing some process/techniques to make sure your glazing is consistent from pot to pot, such as using a hydrometer, and timed dips or timed sprays. 

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Thanks everyone, and I've found the problem and solution!

When I glaze smaller pieces I've usually done a single dip to cover both inside and out.
This worked when my pots were thicker.

But I've since thinned my walls, and the issue was being caused by too much water and too thin a wall for the water from the glaze to go.

What I do now is -- glaze the interior, let it sit for a few minutes and then dip the outside separately.
Haven't had a problem since changing to this method. I usually work in batches so the timing works out well.

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