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Orton minibar used as witness cone?

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I'm going on holiday in a couple of days and wanted to get a firing in before I go. I ran out of cones and I don't have time to order more before I go.

I just found some cone 7 minibars that I used to use in my electric kiln sitter. Nowadays I'm now firing a gas kiln.

If I stick them in some clay do you think they will bend at the same rate as a normal cone 7 witness cone? 

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If can replicate the angle of usual witness cones, maybe.

Got a recent log of your firing ?

Got any other cones? 

Just thinking if follow usual schedule  according to your log, that and your mini s and looking at pots through spyhole should get you there unless you have very finicky glazes.

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Replicating the angle doesn't work, the bars bend under pressure at the correct angle.  Remember a sitter is keeping the bar under constant tension, that's how they work, with just gravity it won't bend like a cone.  Even the little mini cones don't bend the same if you put them in a cone pack.  The bend chart is for self supporting and large cones only

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