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could this happen to you?

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once  in a while it is good to reflect on what can happen in a ceramic studio.   if you are having a bad day, look at instagram "Ceramic Casualties".     you might feel better   and some of you might understand WHY there are rules in a shared studio.

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I have a folder of photos of kiln mishaps on my ipad that i find on the web....there is one that is a particular favorite of three vessels attached to the inside lid of an open kiln. I always have a yard stick by the kilns to slide across the open kiln rim just to confirm everything fits.

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Lets see-35 cubic feet of greenware in car kiln tumbled down to dust. Heart breaker 

35 cubic efet of cone 10 glaze fire tumbled over in last few mintuets of glaze fire in 7.0 earthquake-Heart breaker.

over the last 40 years two run away electric bisques in 10 cubic footer-two loads into trash can-heart breaker

Friend asked me to fire 100 star shaped glass fuzing separators-he said clay was high fire-it was not-dripped onto my stuff.-heart breaker

If ceramics is your love sooner or later-heat breaker

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