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Standing To Throw


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My chiropractor has told me I need to throw standing up. I have searched the forums and read the Glick piece, looked at Neil's great set-up, read about perhaps using a rod and handle to govern the foot peddle etc. etc. I have a Brent wheel with adjustable legs (marketed for "table top" conversion) and don't expect any problem with getting the wheel set up at the proper height. What I am looking for is any other tips or experiences (not already covered in the previous forums) that people can share. Thanks in advance! 

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Guest JBaymore



Just had this exact topic discussion with one of the ceramics majors on Wednesday after classes.


The backrest / back support is the key to this idea.


BTW... are you going to be part of the fall NHIA anagama firing?  If so we can talk then if you haven't got it all squared away.





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Min, that's a great idea. Lee, I throw standing using a portable Speedball Artista wheel with no foot pedal. It has a conveniently located speed adjustment knob and I only use two speeds, one for centering and the other for throwing. When trimming I set it on a comfortable speed and rarely change it. When working in the college studio that has Shimpos and Brents I got used to hardly changing the speed on the foot pedal because of my home wheel. You can get accustomed to working without a foot pedal is all I'm saying.



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