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  1. I love my VPM 30 pug mill. Because I trim a lot. (20% on the last session) I can't bear to throw it away, so I saved it for years until I found a used pug mill. The previous owner wanted a stainless steel unit. I'm almost caught up to my back log 5 years latter. I can't easily center 15 lbs of commercial clay. It's easier to finesse soft clay than center firm clay. I haven't tried mixing from scratch. I don't think that would be any more fun by hand than wedging recycle was. It can't justify itself financially. It does make me a true recycler though.
  2. There are 3 groups of people: Those that see Those that can be taught to see Those that will never see. My question to separate those that will never is to ask "Do you own any handmade object that you know who made it?" Having at least met the maker is a lot of the difference.
  3. New member here, collecting music since about when I planned to become a full time potter in 8 weeks for 30 years. Music adds a lot to the studio experience for me. Best music for creativity? Tangerine Dream/Constance Demby. Look it up if you don't know. I'll post more about my journey to follow.
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