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  1. Hi all you experienced potters . hope you can help , I’ve recently started to sculp with terracotta clay , my first piece bisque fired successfully and I then used crackle goldene on a small part and clear earthenware gloss on the rest ugh way to shiny , goldene looks fabulous. my question is , could I reglaze her with a clear matte to take the shine off her . looking forward to words of wisdom . Susie
  2. Thanks all for great advise, I finally decided today to go ahead with what I had and clear glazed the shells long hair etc after washing them with an underglaze , then for the rest I used Deco suede matte Beach . My friend used it on a vase and it looks lovely . Hopefully the combination will be ok . Now it’s in the kiln and up to the kiln gods . The old saying !!!!!! You never quite know until you open . we had a fantastic new exhibition opening at our island art centre last Friday evening with many lovely pieces sold. Nothing to do with the Wine and great food though . keep potting and thanks again . Susie
  3. The mother of pearl lustre sounds perfect .
  4. Hi can anyone help me , I’ve recently fired to bisque a wall plaque of a mermaid head . I’ve underglazed her added hair and shells etc and would like to use a white crystal glaze for the face . Is there one I could buy or could I add a powdered one to ordinary eathenware clear glaze to get the effect I’m looking for . Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you . Susie
  5. Hi George, having an original piece in original condition is far more valuable. Can’t understand why you would want to change anything about this beautiful piece of ancient and historical pottery. Painting or glazing over it leaves it worthless . As suggested why not donate it . Good luck
  6. Hi all experienced potters , I have an Evenheat Rampmaster 11 kiln that has settings for a slow glaze 7 hours or a fast glaze 4 hours To date I’ve used the slow glaze on bisque fired to 04 using earthenware clay and glaze firing to cone 06; all turned out great .Can anyone tell me what the fast glaze does and can a four hour glaze work ?  

    Cheers and thank you  Susie 

    1. Min


      Hi Susie, may I suggest you post your question in the Studio Operations and Making Work section instead of here in the Status Update section. You are likely to get more replies there than here.

    2. Carrick


      Thanks Min .

  7. Please don’t even consider doing anything to this “authentic piece of historical pottery. Once you alter its original condition it’s devalued to almost nothing. As suggested , have it assessed and enjoy what you have .
  8. Thanks all , great replies , I’m going to bite the bullet and try the fast bisque option . I’ll make sure everything is very dry and do a test fire with a few pieces . As Babs said , energy in Australia is very expensive . What’s the worst that can happen ??? Open the kiln to a mess ? It’s all a learning curve . Won’t do it for a few weeks as we’ve got an exhibition coming up and I fire for a friend so I’ll stick to what works in the meantime but will post results after I run the test fire . Happy Friday to all . Susie
  9. Thanks Liam , eathenware is white but decided to stick with slow bisque. Better safe than sorry . Cheers Susie
  10. Thanks Bill , words of wisdom, I’ll stick to the slow bisque so no unwanted surprises when I glaze fire . I’ve only been potting for a year so value input . Loving it . Cheers Susie
  11. Hi all experienced potters . I have a small Evenheat Rampmaster 11 electric kiln . Very easy to use as it has built in programs. one option is slow bisque 13 hours or fast bisque 10 hours . I bisque to cone 04 using the slow bisque program. Can I use the fast bisque 10 hours for completely dry earthenware ? Looking forward to hearing from you .
  12. Whew , lucky break . So glad all turned out well and hope the day was a success.
  13. As a newbie I stick to 04 to bisque and 06 to glaze fire on earthenware clay . Never had any problems in my electric kiln . love reading all feed back from a wealth of experienced potters. thank you
  14. Hi gabby , something I’ve just recently learned is that some underglaze colours can’t be mixed and orange is one of them . I’ve recently purchased a lovely foxy orange colour underglaze but can’t remember the name , I’ll add the brand and colour for you next time I’m at our pottery shed .
  15. Looked up the shaving foam technique and looking forward to trying it . Thank you
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