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  1. Our favorite Thrift shop is Islands thrift in Oak Harbor on Widby Island if you get up that way. Its more visted these days but still a great spot. It works so well as the airbase is nearby and has a constant turnover of folks who dump most of thier stuff moving to another base.

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    2. liambesaw


      We usually hit about 6 of them on a Saturday or Sunday, we have a few in the neighborhood and then some church based ones that always have awesome weird old stuff that old ladies leave to the church in their will.

      This coronavirus thing has us jonesing for a thrift store fix, none of them are open


    3. Denice


      I know what you mean,   we drove by a estate sale Friday in our favorite historic neighborhood.   We thought if there wasn't very many cars out front we might take a look.   There must have been fifty cars parked up and down the street so we drove on by.  It is really the houses we want to see and this one was a plain old farmhouse not a grand old mansion.    Going shopping at Trader Joe's tomorrow,  plan to get there for senior shopping hour,  we went a few weeks ago and  running late.   We were over run by young people not wearing any masks  or distancing.   You would hardly know that there was a pandemic  here,  the only people wearing masks  are elderly,  clerks and some waitresses,  I am expecting another spike.     Denice

    4. Pres


      Here in Central PA, hardly anyone under the age of 60 is wearing a mask, numbers are rising all over the state, and the number of cars going through the area from other places is really up. I often see plates from Texas, North Carolina, Louisiana, Alabama, and others. Never noticed so many before.




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