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    The customer wanted a very plain plate. Customer also wanted a tan with little to no rust breaking. It took well over 100 test tiles to develop. Then numerous plate firings to get the glaze application thickness just right.
    This glaze was developed by mixing a clear at 60% and a matte at 40%. The color was developed by adding 2% rutile, 2% tin oxide and 1.6% RIO.
    The glaze has some visual movement. This glaze is food safe with no cutlery marking. Cutlery dragged across the glaze has little to no sound. The glaze does not  physically move when fired - stays where you put it.
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    It's all about the curve!
    I'd been ribbing the outside, smoothing the rim, then shaping from the inside. Now I'm ribbing the outside, smoothing the rim, shaping from the inside - a bit past the curve at the bottom and into recurve at the top, then re-shaping with the rib from the outside - back into the curve, and finally, touching up the rim.
    ...might have it down in a few years...
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    First ever glaze recipe I mixed
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    2 thumbs up for strong women!
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    My Faux celadons recipe  
     Posted this recipe years ago
    Selsor Faux Celedon ^6 Oxidation
    Whiting 18.5
    Neph Syen 25.8
    EPK 18.8
    Silica 31.1
    Gerstley B 4.6
    total.                            98.8
    Copper carb 0.3
    Mason #6600 Black 0.02
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