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  1. So I'm buying a kiln. Probably a Skutt from Georgie's. How do you like them bananas? :)

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    2. Denice


      Make sure you get a kiln that is in sections, they are easier to rewire.  I have had a big Skutt for thirty years,  the only thing that bothers me is that I have had to replace the lid three times.  L &L kilns lists  scratch and dent  kilns on there web site,  the government auctions is also a good place to look.  I missed out on a good one near me, they were clearing out a ceramics studio at a air force base.  They sold 3 computer control Skutt for a couple of hundred a piece.   Good Luck.   Denice

    3. Benzine


      A very worthwhile, and rewarding, purchase.  Congrats!

      I like Skutt, and they do their job.  If I had money to spare, I'd probably go for a L&L.  But then I'd also go for a Thomas Stuart wheel, a wall mounted clay extruder, a slab roller a...

      My first classroom kiln was a Skutt, computer controlled.  It worked well, but it seemed to burn through elements quickly, and that was at Cone 04 max.  I was a that District for six years.  The elements had went bad twice, in that time. 

      My second District, used two Skutts, with kiln sitters and a back up timer.  They worked great.

      My kiln at home is a Skutt, with just the sitter.

      My current classroom kiln is a L&L, computer controlled, and I can't think of anything bad to say about it.  It fires spot on every time.  The computer controlled Skutt I used previously, I would occasionally have some glazes that didn't quite mature, leaving bubbles, that didn't have time to smooth out.  I will say, the height of the kiln, with the stand, requires me to stand, on the stand, to reach the bottom.  Obviously that means, that I have plenty of space for student projects, but it also means, that I have to hang over the edge to load some projects...

      Regardless of what you get, I have no doubt you will be happy with your purchase.

    4. Joseph Fireborn

      Joseph Fireborn

      Make sure you think about what your end goal is for how large of things you want to fire. I have a little kiln and its brilliant and I love it, but I can't make big platters or tall vases. In retrospect, I wish I would have gotten either wider or taller, but not much bigger. That being said any kiln is 100% better than no kiln, or a kiln you don't have control over the firings. 

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