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  1. I am finally ready to get my pottery studio ready.  It has been several years in the making.  Very slow..sort of glacial.  Ordering a kiln this month.  I am excited and scared and euphoric!!

  2. Can anyone advise/ I am getting blistering(pinholing) of an earthenware glaze particularly on the undersides of plates, sometimes under vases. I am soaking for 20 minutes getting a cone 04 down, though this glaze has also fired well at 05. Increasing the temperature does not cure the problem. We bisc fire(porcelain) to 1260C, so the body is pretty clean and hard. 

  3. Oh dear, attended a glass fusing course and now I'm being drawn away from clay.  So tempting.


  4. Potter's Camp photos uploaded to gallery. Seems like all the portrait format are upside down.

  5. Off to Potter's Camp first thing in the morning :-). Out of contact till next Monday.

  6. Minor hand surgery tomorrow to fix a "trigger finger". Will be out of the clay for about a month.

  7. Anybody ever had their instagram account follow a load of random people? Mine has about 300 new follows that were not me, I don't think I have used anything dubious with instagram, no third party apps.

  8. In my non-clay world, I deal with hackers and data security...it is no contest, clay is much more fun even when it is frustrating :)

  9. Did a horse-hair firing tonight. Got great results with the sulfuric acid!

  10. Did a horse-hair firing tonight. Got great results with the sulfuric acid!

  11. Found a medium-small high fire Paragon kiln never used for less than $300... Now I just need to convince my husband where to get $300 from!

  12. Random thought, what would happen, if a Raku piece were put in a container of cooking oil as a means of reduction?...

  13. Just ordered the book, "Surrey Whitewares: Part 4". Since it a book on Medieval pottery I don't expect any whitewares! :)

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