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  1. Would dry kiln wash work? Or would the Kaolin interfere, I don't have any alumina.
  2. The ones that had the hairline cracks where fairly even with the clay . Have not tried with a waster slab but I do put them on 1/4 rollers to help with movement and isolate from the kiln shelf.
  3. I am using M340 Plainsman cone 6 clay and bisque to cone 04. The forms are sinks usually 16" across and maybe 3/8 to 1/2 " thick clear glaze both sides. The last set of cracks are these and appear to have a sharp edge and are not noticeable at first unless the light catches it.
  4. I added a wall mount controller to my 1027-3 kiln and now have more items crack, mostly large items. Some crack on the heat up and some on the cool down. I fire on medium slow program and using a slow cool down program on my bisque as well as the glaze. The firing time to cone 6 is close to the same as I did with the sitter, you would think that the heating would be more even with all the elements working together instead of the on the sitter system. ( on medium 1/2 the elements run on high). Here is the cool down I am using.
  5. I have a wedge table that is 4" of concrete and then covered with canvas. I was wondering if you can wedge directly on the smooth concrete or will the clay stick to it?
  6. When do you turn off your kiln vent? I usually turn mine off when the kiln finished firing but now with the controller and down firing not sure when the best time to turn it off would be. Shut it off early slows the cooling, leave it on keeps the temperature more even in a single zone for down firing.
  7. I like the idea to compress the rim of the hole, might help. I could try and cut the hole with a pipe just after I throw it and compress the edge.
  8. Because of the size and shape they get dried mostly right side up on hydro-stone bats, then moved to an open rack to finish. Depends on the drying I will cover them to keep the dryness more even or dry on the rims. Maybe I should start a log on drying just the sinks to see what makes them fail .
  9. I start the hole when I throw the sink and then trim it to size when I trim the bottom. When I did get cracks with the sitter they where large cracks but I thought I solved that by trimming the bottom to be closer thickness with the sides.
  10. Thanks Min I will program that in for large objects to slow the cooling and try that. Should I use that same formula for cone 04 bisque as well, would make sense to me. If the kiln cools slower than the program would it send up a warning or alert or just not power the elements? I have a Skutt 1027-3 and it usually cools slowly but maybe not slow enough now with the doors open. I do have the vent fan off when the firing is finished but will let it run until the controller shuts down usually at 2100. The sinks get glazed both sides with the same clear glaze, I have an order for 2 sinks and so far have made 4 with hairline cracks. The first pair I thought was from a power outage at around 1100f and cooled to maybe around 900f when the power came back.
  11. Yes the edge is sharp. I have not had this problem before. I could change the program and have the controller cool slower. What rate of cooling would you recommend or is there a schedule available to follow? Would a rate of 150f down for 600f be a good choice?
  12. I recently installed a Bartlet wall control and now I am having cracks show up. 2 kilns loads with 5 sinks have had hairline cracks from the centre to the rim. When I ran with the sitter and fired I have had breaks but not the hairline cracks. Bisque to 04 glaze to 6 with close to the same firing time as with the sitter. First time a was a med-slow cone 6 with a 100 degree drop and a 30 min hold firing time around 14hrs. Next cone 6 8.5 hr at med and 30 min hold after a 100 f drop. The fan gets shut off after the firing is complete and cools for more than 24 hrs and not opened until 100f. Sinks are in the centre of the kiln. A large bowl of close to the same size in the bottom of the kiln is fine.Could it be the 100f drop and hold as I have not done that with the sitter. Most times when I fired with the cones the sinks worked fine . With the controller is should fire better as all the elements work together and not unequal like it does with a sitter. Almost ready to give up on the sinks but they sell well.
  13. I would also check the ground connection on the wheel. Remove and clean the connection, it can look good but there may be corrosion behind the connection. I would not use the wheel until you find the issue.
  14. I played with the controller and ended up saving under custom programs. Will try it out in the next couple days.
  15. I am looking to program a 30 min hold to the cone 4 medium slow program. If I load the cone 6 medium slow program and edit it with a 100f drop and hold for 30 min and save it will it now be the default cone 6 med slow program? Will I now have this as the program in novice mode when I switch back to novice mode? Will the hold now be on all the cone 6 programs regardless of the firing speed New to the Bartlett and so far love it, no more turning up the kiln running out at all hours to check on the kiln . Can go to town for 2 hours and still monitor the kiln
  16. My Pacifica gt500 sounded like that, never did get it to be quite. Mine also needed bearings, standard type available at a good auto shop. They come apart without much difficulty, just look for all the allen screws on the shafts and head. The head will be the hardest to remove, make sure you get the the allen screws out, think there was 2 on the head( cant remember ) I like Blaster spray can penetrating oil to get stuck parts lubed to remove.
  17. Where both wheels new? Belts might be loose on the 2nd wheel.
  18. Here is the the way the postal service treats out boxes. I have had more breakage this past 4 months than I have had in 5 years. The mail is getting bad for shipping . Just today a customer sent a message of broken pottery and said the box was crushed. Only 1 of the 3 mugs survived. We will replace the items at no charge but this is getting ridiculous with 6 order broken in the last four months. I am packing better than I ever have with most items double boxed. Next I guess I will have to build plywood boxes.
  19. I have had more breakage this past 4 months than I have had in 5 years. The mail is getting bad for shipping . Just today a customer sent a message of broken pottery and said the box was crushed. We will replace the items at no charge but this is getting ridiculous with 6 order broken in the last four months. I am packing better than I ever have with most items double boxed. Next I guess I will have to build plywood boxes
  20. Thanks Neil, learned something new in electronics. I like building stuff but am not an electronic wiz but manage the basics. I am in the process of building the wall controller, still need to connect to the power and the kiln but the box is done and mounted.
  21. Starting to understand . So if you have a transformer with 1volt output you could wrap 5 times to get 5 volt output like the attached diagram. This is turning into an electronics course. lol
  22. So if I understand this right the Current transformer will developed output voltage when the power is sent down the monitored line. The more amps the more power output from the transformer. So if I chose the correct one (CR8420-1000) would produce 5.2 vac max at 50 amp, would this allow me to connect directly to the genesis controller? Cant be as simple as that? If so why do they sell the ones for the kilns with a circuit board attached?
  23. Lost me, I have seen the cores that work with 50 amps but don't understand how to make them work without the attached circuit board. Have only been able to find the current sensors for the Skutt and Bartlett controllers. Little over my knowledge base. Have seen the section how to set the controller for SSR but have not seen anything about the cycle time with SSR other than the 500 milliseconds, will give Bartlett a call on Monday
  24. When a Genesis controller is set for SSR do you have to change the cycle time or does it default to a set time? Will start to assemble my wall controller today and program it. Wish I could find an Current sensor to add to it that was not $34.00 usd. Can't find any listings for it in Canada or find the parts required to build one on Digi-Key.
  25. Thanks Bill, I will start with -18f. The clay and glaze I use are forgiving but will dial it in with cones as I fire.
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