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  1. Been a long time coming...finally firing my first load of bisque.  HooRay!!!

  2. Finally was able to fire the new kiln yesterday.   Would not fire...just gave  a strange error message.  The problem was the  Genesis controller was wired incorrectly.  With help from Steve at Bartlett...changed 2 wires and it fired right up.  

    1. Min


      Glad you got it working! I love my Genesis controller. With my last glaze firing I had a "Fail" warning come up when one of the thermocouples went. Knew straight away that there was a problem.

    2. lgusten


      Thanks, Min.   I feel much more comfortable.  It was actually good to experience this issue and have to fix it.  Felt more in control of the controller:D

  3. New kiln arrived and is in place.  Got the kiln vent installed too.  If the pending hurricane doesn't drop too much water on us...should  be able to test fire soon.


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    2. Benzine


      Best of Luck to you, with the weather.

      I have good friends, who live in Western N.C. .  They didn't sound terribly worried, the last time I talked to him, a few days ago.

    3. lgusten


      Thank you.  So far, so good. Just really wet.

    4. lgusten


      Update to the update.  Yesterday relentless rain resulted in water in the basement  and under the kiln.....not too much though.  We caught it just in time.  Best news is we found the source of the leak.  Patched a little after we sucked up the water...  Looks dry this morning.    I am relieved!!!!

  4. Well, the kiln arrived, but it was damaged.  So after a few hours, back it went.  Guess I got more time to organize for it.:(


    1. LeeU


      Bummer-super bummer:wacko: Like your banner up top, by the way.

    2. yappystudent


      I'm angry for you. How annoying! 

    3. lgusten


      Thank you both.  Not sure when the replacement kiln will be sent....presumably after they receive the one I sent back.  This time, I will remove all of the wrap on the truck before I sign off on it.  Both UPS Freight and Clay King have been helpful. 

      Lee, thank you.  The banner is a picture of one of the last items I made before taking  a break and deciding that I needed my own space and studio.  I named it Winter Puddle.  

  5. So excited I can barely contain myself.  Kiln is ordered!!!! Space is ready for it!!!!  Been a long time coming.


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    2. Denice


      Interesting idea but my husband and I are old enough that moving a kiln out of a basement is getting too  hard.  Besides my kiln room only hold three kilns and my husband wouldn't give up any of his garage space.     Denice

    3. Roberta12


      What did you order??   You will love it whatever it is! Congrats!


    4. lgusten


      Denice -  That garage space is sacred isn't it.  That's why I am in the basement.  We shall see about getting it into the basement.  I bought the smaller one...less weight...but it is still 200 lbs.  So we will be enlisting more help and taIking it apart to get it downstairs.

      Roberta - Ordered a Olympic Medallion 1823.  It is small but large enough for my work.....When I outgrow it......I envision it being my bisque and test kiln.

      Thank you all for the support!!!!

  6. Finally, going to take the plunge and buy my first kiln.  I am feeling a little scared....I have some  experience firing someone else's kiln...but it has been a few years.  

    My space in the basement is all wired, got a great vent area....the house had an old oil furnace removed 30- 30 years ago, but the chimney still has the vent and the opening is close to where the kiln is going.  

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    2. lgusten


      I have been reading them.  Will be reaching out when I run my first test run.  I am becoming more excited than scared.  Need to get going on my glazes in prep.  Used to help make them at a local community art school.  Think I will look for 1 good recipe and go from there.  

    3. yappystudent


      Reading about kilns helped to raise and answer a lot of questions I had when I was getting my kiln. Your challenges might vary but they are worth pushing through. I'm only on my 8th firing next and it's actually getting more exciting because things are turning out better and I've more confidence using the machine itself. 

    4. lgusten


      Glad to hear about how you are moving ahead.   I am looking forward to that feeling more confident.  I used to help with the loading and unloading and occasionally the firing of the electric kilns at the community art school.  But I was following directions.  It is going to be different to have to fire on my own.  Lots to learn.

  7. I am finally ready to get my pottery studio ready.  It has been several years in the making.  Very slow..sort of glacial.  Ordering a kiln this month.  I am excited and scared and euphoric!!

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    2. JohnnyK


      Took me 3 years to get mine together and couldn't be happier. My wife wanted to turn it into a "crafts" studio and I told her that if it wasn't clay, it wasn't happening! Now she refers to it as "Your Studio".

    3. LeeU


      Nothing more exciting than finally pulling together one's own studio! Wait 'til the kiln arrives :)

    4. lgusten


      Good to hear that I am not the only one to take so long to pull it together.  I am going to have a party when I get a good kiln load out....for my friends for listening to me for years about these plans and never doubting me.  

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