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  1. Mark I have a couple of bench grinders. One with really rough stones for my welding and another with finer stones that I typically use for sharpening pottery tools. I could replace the stones on my pottery grinder with the ones that you suggest. How would they be for sharpening pottery tools? I have flex drive dremmel tool (garage sale find) that I have never used. Maybe I should hook it up and try the bit you are suggesting. Thanks
  2. My lids don't fit all that bad. Every now and then then one of them isn't what I was hoping for. You've given me some better ideas than using a router. And with them I won't even have to use my suit of armor
  3. I'm trying to get my lid fits more precisely. Obsessive compulsive disorder??? I understand the need for protection from the flying crap.. I was considering one of those medieval suits of armor.
  4. Has anyone ever tried using diamond router ^6 bisqueware?
  5. I have used WordPress and Joomla! for other purposes and found them both very impressive. WordPress is a little more adept at search engine optimization and is a little bit more user friendly. They both have an enormous number of easy to use free add-ins that can make about anything you would want for a pottery studio business. Though I park my domain names at Go Daddy, I've heard bad things about their hosting. I used ICDsoft for about 20 years and was extremely impressed with their reliability and service. There also very cheap, something around six dollars per month. If you're going to get into a website, you have to get some traffic. ScrapeBox is one of the best tools and also very cheap. Don't think you're just going to stick up a website and people are going to come to it. In terms of layout, I like those grid galleries that show just pictures of each pot and you can click on the picture. The link takes you to an enlarged view with whatever explanation you want to offer. I hate the kind that have one pot per page which provides no overview for what you offer. If you move on this, I've done a lot of SEO. Though I'm not willing to do it anymore, I can provide you with some guidance and resources. You have to be willing to put in some time to learn this stuff and implement it.
  6. I got my green soap on eBay. It is made by COSCO soap and detergent company, 1930 Troulman St, Ridgewood, NY. Here's the link to The stuff that I have on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/8oz-Bottle-Pure-Cosco-Tincture-Green-Soap-Medical-Supply-Tattoo-Made-in-USA-/252615541015?hash=item3ad10f4117:g:6SIAAOSwlfxXFkoFAnd It's really slippery stuff.
  7. I put green soap on my wooden tools. It not only protects the wood but reduces the amount of gunk that sticks to them.
  8. Where did you get your PhD in chemistry?
  9. I get the idea of how this stuff works and what it is supposed to do, but has anyone actually given it a shot and found it useful In clay or glazes? Having seen many theories that don't actually predict, I like empirical verification. I will get that five dollars to you via Santa next year.
  10. In Zamek's book, he discusses them as two different entities, though, according to him, they do have some similar applications.
  11. Hi Marcia First time I ever heard of it. All I know about this stuff is what I read in the book.
  12. Hi Mark Maybe I should have also asked if it causes diarrhea. But at your described velocity, that would just cause more lift on takeoff. Thanks for the link, but that is essentially the article in his book.
  13. Was just reading Zamek's book "what Every Potter Should Know". He goes on at length about the wonders of additive A. Has anyone use this stuff and with what result?
  14. Morning Larry, The way things are going over here at the moment you could probably get Buckinghamshire Palace for $50 and a big mac. When evey thing collapses we can at least make a living bartering out pots. In this country, people are upset now with what is basically rumor and anticipation. This is going to escalate radically when it actually starts impacting us. Maybe you could build your tiles into a fortress. By the way your stuff is really great. I think you could probably exchange one of your coin tiles for Buckingham palace.
  15. What is the exchange rate for your coins for US dollars?
  16. It keeps the gas flow over the oxyprobe and you don' have to drill you kiln
  17. Here is one that I built a couple years ago for my Olympus updraft kiln. It uses a Ford oximeter. It seems to work quite well and is very simple. The whole thing can be lifted off when I'm ready to open kiln.
  18. Okay I got it. The plural was referring to different colors versus different base Slips. It's pretty amazing stuff if it actually works from ^1 to ^10 Thanks
  19. You say slips plural. Are you using the formula that I posted?
  20. Has anyone used Bringle Universal Slip? Neph Sy 25 Kaolin 20 Ball 20 Flint 30 Borax 5 Bentonite 2 What have you found it good for? Does it run at cone 6? Does it work for mocha diffusion? Is supposed to fire from: 1 to 6 That seems like a real stretch to me.
  21. To keep my mocha slip damp while the diffusion is going on I have put a steamer that vents into my spray booth. It radically raises the humidity in that small area. The slip dries very slowly or if you're not careful not all. You don't want the blast of steam aimed at your pot.
  22. I think these suggestions will greatly improve my odds of avoiding cracks. Thanks
  23. I have an extension of my original question This was just a test firing of a bunch of little 12 inch bowls. I have a bunch of similarly shaped 23+ inch .bowls. What additional advice would you folks have for firing these monsters without getting cracks in them, given that I implement all of the great suggestions I've gotten.
  24. wow, thanks for all the good advice.I can see where I made a lot of mistakes. I'm just a raw beginner at this stuff Actually there were a couple of platters that broke in a similar pattern. The bottom was probably a little thicker than the sides on both of them. the whole firing process takes about 16 hours. I would guess it takes about six hours to go from 190 to 2190. The platters were on the top two shelves. the top was not covered with a shelf. it cooled pretty fast from 2190 to 1900 then it was slow after that. I assume the ping test is done on the bisque or do you mean after glaze firing. I do have one of those glass cutters like you mentioned. I can see where I need to change a lot of stuff. My welding is so much easier than glazing. tthanks all
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