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  1. Again, this stuff is great. What glaze are you using? Wow! Larry
  2. Really nice. What glaze are you using? Thanks Larry
  3. docweathers

    Cactus 05

    What is the high fire glaze you are using... it is great!
  4. docweathers


    Again, what is this glaze. I love it. Where do you come up with this great stuff?
  5. I love your glazes.

  6. docweathers


    I love your glazes. What is the glaze on this pot?
  7. docweathers


    What is the glaze on this cup? Thanks Larry
  8. Wow! Thanks for all of the good advice. I am sharpening my chisels and off to Lowe's to get the diamond wheel for my 5 inch grinder. Larry
  9. I just bought a used gas kiln. One of the shelves has a glob of melted glaze stuck to it that I would like to remove. I have a 5 inch angle grinder I can probably grind it off with, but before I launch on that brutish strategy, I was hoping that someone could offer me a more elegant and safer solution to the problem. Thanks Larry
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