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  1. You guys have inspired me to create a "pro" version of my magnets on tools idea. What about taking a 4 x 8 sheet of sheet metal and bend it into an arch above your wheel. Then whenever you get done with a tool you could just hurl it straight up and probably most of the time the magnet would stick to the sheet metal. However, if you keep your tools sharp you might have the sensation of sitting under the Sword of Damocies Anyone who wants to get in on this entrepreneurial venture, I will cut you in for 100% of the profit Larry
  2. Though adding magnets to my tools has greatly improved my ability to find my tools in my pigsty, this old pig is still in the habit of setting them down among my lumps of clay, trimmings etc. Recovering my tools from my slop is much easier now that I have painted the handles of my tools a high visibility orange.
  3. I suspect that it is important to carve away some broken brick to get a large bonding area for the kiln cement soaked ceramic mat to adhere to. As to perkolator's comment about a "proper" repair, I would astound myself if I ever did anything the "proper" way. I think I am akin to Rube Goldberg. Larry
  4. I finally gave up on my Olympic gas kiln when I found a good used Skutt 1227 with computer controller on craigslist. Though it was in good shape, one of the top bricks had a crack in it about 4 inches long and about an inch in from the inside edge. It looked as if someone had thoughtlessly press their hand down on this weak thin edge. The prior owner had tried unsuccessfully to fix it by squirting some kiln cement in there and clamping it. Given that just kiln cement had proven an unsuccessful strategy, I tried another strategy which apparently is working quite well. Given the theory that
  5. Rock tumblers usually are hexagon steel chambers. Is there any problem with metal wearing off the chamber and getting into the glaze?
  6. This sounds like the cheap, easy approach... Which is my style What diameter PVC and what number of which size of stainless steel balls do you use? How fast do you turn your PVC jar?
  7. I think I've come up with a slip goo that will stick very well to bisque. It is basically Pat Horsley''s score no more slip, with a little CMC and a final deflocculation. It sticks so well that it is difficult to scrape off once dry. Now I'll have to see what happens when I cook it.
  8. I saw a video of some guy slip trailing on bisqueware. I can't find it, so I don't know how he was accomplishing this. I'm using Pat Horsley's score-no-more slip. I can't get my slip to stick very well. I have tried adding gum Arabic, CMC and white glue to the slip. It still doesn't stick. I know you're supposed to slip trail on green where but since I am a beginner at this I know, I will screw it up. I can wash my mistakes off of bisqueware but not leather hard. Any suggestions would be appreciated
  9. It sounds like I have some really good options for making cheap ball milling jars. With the PVC ones I would wonder if you would lose milling efficiency by having the smooth plastic walls versus the unglazed ceramic roughness. With the PVC, do you feel like it takes longer to ball mall your glaze than it ought to? I do have some 6 inch schedule 40 in my scrap pile I have an idea how how to make your own ball milling jar. My understanding is that the reason you cannot just throw one is that it's impossible to get things absolutely round and square by just throwing. My experience says this
  10. I understand that you can use coffee grounds to cause local reduction in an oxidation firing. How exactly do you do this?
  11. You really should find a second hand copy of the Harry Davis book. Might try getting a copy through inter library loan first to check it out. Also "Pioneer pottery" by Cardew may have some info for you. I can't recall off the top of my head. I haven't been in that book in a couple of years. If you want to mill a 3 quart charge you'll need an 8 to 9 quart jar. 2 gallons. at that size you might want to use the pipe method for housing your jar. You may also consider using a pipe type vessel lined with porcelain "bricks" as outlined in the Harry Davis book. This setup is going to be HEAVY. I'd
  12. I'm thinking about making a ball mill. I have figured out how to build a gizmo that will quickly interchange between a ball mill and a power slab roller. I would like to be able to mill 2 or 3 quarts at a time. You have offered some good suggestions. I'm trying to narrow down to the most likely successful alternatives because as a beginner ,I am trying out all too many new things, literally dozens of glazes on hundreds of test tiles etc.
  13. thanks for the perspective. It doesn't sound like a good book for my purposes
  14. Commercially made ball milling jar seem ridiculously expensive, so I am thinking about making my own. I understand that there are several potential problems with doing this. 1) Throwing an absolutely round jar... I have figured out how to solve this. 2) I understand that porcelain tends to warp drying and firing-- is this true and what can be done about it? (I have no experience with porcelain.) 3) I understand that the porcelain commonly available to Potters is softer than what is used in ball milling jars. Is this true? Where is harder porcelain available?
  15. Is anyone familiar with the Val Cushing Handbook? What are its merits and demerits for a beginning cone 6 Potter?
  16. Compared to the deep crimson color swash on the Mason site, it looks like there's quite a bit of fading. mason colors Are there any better alternatives or techniques?
  17. About a year ago, I got a old but good condition Bluebird pugmill off of craigslist for 100 bucks. it's not de-airing but upgrading it may be one of my next projects. They do show up from time to time. The only downside I found to using this small pug mill is it you've got to be ready to throw 100 pounds or more clay it to make it worth fiddling with. Larry
  18. Very clever and attractive. It looks like it should have religious significance. does it?
  19. How did you create the cracking on IMG_2198_crop.jpg IMG_2127.JPG
  20. Again, this stuff is great. What glaze are you using? Wow! Larry
  21. Really nice. What glaze are you using? Thanks Larry
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