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    Now retired from 30+ years in behavioral health services, I am back to enjoying and making art. I hold a BFA in ceramics from VCU's School of the Arts (Virginia Commonwealth University). I have set up a small, functional, in-home studio, with an L&L Easy-Fire on the back porch. In addition to clay, I'm interested in painting, photography, and writing.

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  1. I am missing the moderators and key resource/info people who are (recently) not here anymore---the place just ain't the same. 


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    2. S. Dean

      S. Dean

      LeeU - I think if "mass migration" is a concern, then it is up to each of us to promote and maintain an active, vibrant and respectful community (as has, been our culture).  People come and go for a variety of reasons, and yes there are losses to lament.  However, it is the culture that  holds thing together over time.  There's an incredible amount of talent and knowledge on this forum today, and I'm thankful for the efforts of  the existing and new moderators that help make this a community where that knowledge and ideas can be shared.  

    3. Benzine


      Wow, where have I been?  I had no idea that John was no longer participating here. 

      That is unfortunate, especially if it was because of conflict/ disagreement with other posters.

      I have seen too many posters leave, for such reasons. 

      I have never taken anything, people have said here, personal.  If my views are questioned, I either further explain myself, or rethink my stance.   I am not the authority, that some former and current members are, so I have less to lose in a debate, but I am still always open to a health discussion.  If it turns negative, I just walk away...  That's exactly what I preach to my students, so I have to lead by example right?

    4. glazenerd


      Lee: many changes have happened in the last few months. It is more than just John and Bruce leaving us: the whole forum format has changed. Lots of us are still struggling trying to get use to the new layout: myself included. I much preferred the old version, most miss the "at a glance"  ease of use. 

      It will take Min and Neil awhile to get use to their new roles: so they are dealing with newness as well. This forum is no different than life, people move in and out of it all the time. We are approaching 30,000 members and perhaps 100 post on any regular basis. Give it some time to adjust from the changes and the disruptions: and it will level out. John and Bruce will certainly be missed.

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