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  1. Finally over my cold. I had such plans for this break, but between a family cold, kiln controller dying, and freezing cold garage I haven't gotten much done. However, I am going to accomplish a lot in the new year! Going to continue to work on my surfaces and glaze development. Exciting times.

    1. oldlady


      good time to plan for the next steps you want to take.  drawing what is in your head, checking if you are prepared for actually working with clay when it gets warmer and you feel better.  

    2. Denice


      I have spoke to a bunch of people who had a miserable holiday  break including  myself and  my husband.  My husband told me yesterday that he couldn't wait to get back to work at least he gets paid for being miserable.  The gray skies and extreme cold doesn't help.  I am still down and out from my MS relapse,  I have two half finished pots in my studio but they are so cold  I don't have a problem with them drying out.  Denice

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