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  1. I found some anhydrous borax from in my silversmithing and forging suppy catalog.
  2. The borax you should have around from your knife making days should work. I have used it in the past. I had problems with very small volcano-like explosions as the water came out of the glaze. It spit on things around it. I never tried to put a second glaze over the top. And it was early in my pottery experience,so the spitting it may have happened because my ramp speed was too high. Jed
  3. I made an extruder using 4" black PVC. It required a huge amount of force to pull the handle. I made dies from lexan plastic. They broke under pressure. I had to use 1/8" aluminum plate. If I made a new one, I would build it from 3" black PVC pipe...less pressure. Mounting was horrible. Good luck Jed
  4. Look at my post on obvara pit firing. It's about milk protein. It sounds like a mix between your firing and obvara firing. Jed
  5. I use a torch to see how easily raw material or clay melts. It gives me a rough idea of melting points based on color glow. I collect a lot of rock material. When i get new material, I melt a small section of the rock to see color of the melted material. I am still amazed how a piece of red feldspar can melt giving a beautiful white glossy glass with black specks. That being said, the uneven heat causes thermal shock with lots of cracks and explosions. It's fun to heat iron pyrite. It explodes. So does jasper. Just a bit of FYI, Jed
  6. jrgpots

    american shino

    A nice smooth shino with orange to red colors. Good job
  7. jrgpots

    flute 1

    From the album: ceramic Native American style flutes

    The latest three flutes. I have use RIO on the bisque flutes. They will be glaze fired this week.
  8. I'm curious about the wheel directional spin. If it were a news station, would it spin to the left or the right? If it had a political opinion would it tend to left or right? And finally, considering the movie "Ghost" and the wheel's orientation, would it swing one way or the other, and what are the ramifications of the switch that allows it to go both ways???
  9. Try brushing on a glaze along the rim. Pick a glaze that does not run.
  10. I'm a lefty and started throwing on a Soldner kick wheel. My left foot had more stamina than my right. I therefore threw left handed. My hand positions or fine motor vs gross motor skins played no part in the decision. It was that my left foot felt better kicking.
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