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  1. Today I just got the paperwork from the Lawyer. It's official I have started "Aspie's Retreat" a camp for kids with autism. Art, pottery, music, eventually equestrian therapy, and ATV activitieswill be part of the program. Now I have to hit people up for donations. I'm so excited!

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    2. Min


      Congrats on getting the official part done! Good luck on your donation drive.

    3. Judith B

      Judith B

      wow congrats that sounds like an amazing project!


  2. I just finished welding up my kiln frame. Now I need to stack the chimney and make the door.

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    2. Joseph Fireborn

      Joseph Fireborn

      Wow. That is awesome. Are you getting excited or nervous? Both?

    3. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      lets see some photos

    4. Joseph Fireborn
  3. I was able to help a new friend today with computer stuff. Hopefully, she will dazzle everyone with some of her pottery pieces.

    1. Denice


      Can't wait to see her work, nice of yo to help her.

    2. Chilly


      I wonder who that was, must be someone we all know and love ?!?!

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