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Shelf Grinding Question

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I bought a grinder last week and have been tackling my shelves.  I am thankful to have extras and it not be critical to use the same ones each firing.  I always try and chisel and chip first. I use all safety equipment.  I have a 'basic' 4 1/2 inch grinder.  I have heard of getting diamond grinding heads.  Today I was grinding down a patch.  It got to the point that the glaze drip was smooth and slick and level with the shelf surface.  My question is:  do I continue grinding down into the shelf to remove the rest of the glaze or leave the remainder of the glaze as is and put kiln wash over it.  Which doesn't sound right but I can't figure out how to get the glaze off without taking a big chunk out of the shelf.  sorry for the rambling, tired. 


As always I greatly appreciate the help offered here.





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Once you grind it all to clean good shelve you can fill the hole with wash before washing the whole shelve. There was a thread abou fill material options last year If I recall.


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