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  1. The Bill Carty talk in Milwaukee last year addressed this. He suggested that the neurological effects are only an issue when exposed to vaporized forms of Manganese (The MSDS information is from the steel industry, where everything they handle is at high heat). Proper materials handling still applies, however the greatest risk is breathing the kiln fumes. Also, be aware that subsequent firings will still give off fumes, as all surfaces in the kiln will hold on to a bit of the Manganese. Be sure to wash all wares prior to use as well to take care of the residue. As for the leaching issue, a pro
  2. Propane will actually burn somewhere around 3500 degrees in the primary flame, the closest thing that I've done to firing with a torch alone is firing a small kiln, 6" max interior dimension, with a small torch. It requires a small throat just to make sure the torch doesn't directly contact any of the work....
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