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Mark C.

Big Dilemma -Purging Photos From This Software Almost Weekly ?

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So over the years I seem to have a lot of small photos posted in my posts-I always run into the limit (977 or maybe megabits or kbs or killowhatevers this is nerd territory not mine) and have to purge my photos from older posts.

I tend to start 10 pages back under manage my attachments but realize many still read and download these. So I choose the lesser downloaded ones and start purging.Can I really take the photos out of a million view post?

Now when someone looks up say how to build a display rack or wash shelves or tumble stack an electric or throw a spoon rest can these posts have no photos???

This really seems to cramp my style and is one of the pain in the butt areas for me on this board-I'm not a whiner but info post with no photos are just plain stupid.

I guess this is vent so folks I'm purging to keep the new photos coming alone-view them soon as they will be toast soon as well.

I'd add a photo but one has to go to do it. Maybe from now on I should talk one thru it without photos like the blind pilot landing a plane after the pilot died and they took over flying.


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Not really sure what software they are using for this board but you always have the option to store your photos in an outside source. I use "Photobucket" myself and have for years. I know they have a limit on their sizes but it must be huge due to the fact that I have not hit the limit.


I think you can still show the images within the post as well.  Take the link from photobucket and copy it.. click on the image icon and the pic will show.




It is an extra step but.. it does work too..



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If you don't need real high res for your photos, then you can use your graphics software to cut down the disk size of the picture, so that you can retain a lot more before you hit the limit.


Here is a link to a free public domain graphics utility that is easy to use and allows you to pretty much do all the editing and resizing you want  its called IrfanView.



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Guest JBaymore

As opposed to your gallery, when you post in the message threads there is usually no reason to use an image that is more than 800 w x 600 h (or 600 w x 800 h) and 72 dpi. That makes the file size pretty small for an individual picture.  Still does not remove the eventual limit.... but moves the time you hit it way off.


And the Photobucket solution is another possible option.





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