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  1. We crack the lid on our kiln at 300F and 150F we open it up. We will put gloves on and start pulling items out around that temp. We throw stoneware. Our stoneware is micro/dishwasher safe and can be used in the oven. if your items are designed to be used in the oven (bake ware) then they should be able to be removed from the kiln at 300+.
  2. what your looking at is the exhaust header glowing read from extreme temperature associated with the combustion inside the engine. This normally occurs between about 1100 to 1200 deg F. That is likely 16g mild steel tubeing. IT is also common to get 304 stainless in 16 ga for custom exhaust also. while the stainless would take more heat, you can ballpark it to be only slightly above the mild steel tubeing. Only suggestion I have is to build your setup then probe the chimney to get an idea of how far "down" (close to exit of the ware chamber) you could go before you exceed the abov
  3. what do people think of useing a heat sheild? ie single layer of tile backer board on the floor. then 4 bricks at the locations of the stand feet, then a piece of sheet metal the size of the kiln on top of the bricks which the legs of the metal stand sit on. thus forming a heat shield that sits ~2" off the ground allowing for air circulation.
  4. While you don't explicitly say, I assume your kiln sits on a ~1 foot tall 4 legged metal stand?
  5. RV style water pumps are on demand without a need for a pressure tank. http://www.amazon.com/LF122202A-Automatic-1-1-GPM-12-Volt-3-5-Amp/dp/B000O8AZ6M/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1393954710&sr=8-10&keywords=water+pump+120V run about $60 but require 12V. You could run off a small battery charger that plugs in assuming you have 120V power to the studio. This means you can use a 55gal drum to collect rain water etc and not worry about gravity feed and use a reg household style faucet in your sink.
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