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Mark C.

Overfired Gas Kiln Today

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Excellent outcome!


I think lots of folks might be surprised to hear that porcelain can stand a lot of heat.  I always tended to think of the stuff as glass with bones, prone to warping, and vulnerable to collapse if overfired.  I use a porcelain formulated for Cone 8, but once when I took some pieces to a communal groundhog kiln wood firing, I was told that some parts of the kiln might reach 12-13.  I was reluctant to put my stuff in, for fear it would melt and ruin other people's work, but the potter who owned the kiln was not concerned at all.  And she was right.

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One last note about glazes that can run. I always have catcher foot in my forms which can save many a pot when the glaze does run. It decently paid off on this small kiln load.


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