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  1. It has been quite some time since I have posted in the forum. I'm not sure how many active people who are posting I still may now. Nevertheless, I just wanted to tell of an experience I had last week. Before I do this I need to explain why in the last 8 months I have not been on the forum. The good news, it has nothing to do with the criminal justice system..... The fact is that 1 1/2 years ago I founded a nonprofit adventure camp for those affected with autism. I have not extruded, formed, thrown anything in the last 8 months until last week. I hosted a pottery activity for those with Autism. We had 20 people with Autism and about 10 volunteers at our event. We introduced the kids to throwing. We had them extrude coils and form them in a plate project. They were also given clay to "sculpt" to their hearts' delight. everyone had fun. We had no meltdowns or injuries. The projects will be glazed this week. It was so great to watch these kids explore their talents. On another note, when an autistic kid says he want to throw something on the wheel, you have to be very careful. He was literally throwing things on the spinning wheel and watching them fly across the room. He had great fun and squealed very loudly as one projectile hit another nearby participant. Many more activities are planned... Jed
  2. It would incredible if this could go nationwide or even worldwide. But, I am struggling to get funding just to run the program. At this point I would settle for a home base. I'm hoping that the seeds I plant now will grow in the future even if I don't see the fruits of my labor. Jed
  3. I hope we can continue to grow until we can do this on a weekly basis in our own facility. We have a long way to go....
  4. My family used to make lots of "made from scratch" brownies. So we premixed a large batch of dry ingedients and stored the mix in small sealed bags. It made things easier in the long run. Using this as background information, when you make up a glaze, 1. do you make a large batch and store it premixed in its dry form or its wet form? 2. Or do you mix up each batch as needed from scratch? 3. If you have a glaze which uses a more volitile substance such as soda ash, do you make large amounts or smaller amounts? Jed
  5. I just got an old (new to me) Brent extruder and will be making a lot more flutes. But I am getting tired of the calculations for 12% shrinkage rates. So I bought some heavily grogged Dixon Sculpting clay from Aardvark that has 8% shrinkage at cone 5. 1. Can I mix that with B mix in a 50-50 mixture to get a clay body that shrinks 10%? 2. Does anyone know how these two clay bodies might play together? The Dixon is Terra cotta red color in oxidation at cone 5. B mix at cone 5 is white. 3. Any guesses as to what color the mix might be? I thought if anyone may have tried this I could get some useful information. Otherwise, I will try mixing them and see what I get. Jed
  6. I was thinking about hitting up a lot of potters to donate one piece to the cause and then auction these in a charity event. Has anyone done this in the Past? If so was it successful? Jed
  7. jrgpots

    Flashing Slip

    We used to burn it for outdoor fire pits. It can bend the cast iron grates because of its heat output. It grows in CA, AZ, UT and NM at about 3,500 to 4,500 ft elevation. In CA is can grow up to 20 ft as a dense tree that has slick red bark and light green leaves. When it burns, it leaves almost no ash. Jed
  8. jrgpots

    Flashing Slip

    Has anyone used manzanita wood? I know it is off topic a bit,,,,sorry. I was just curious. Jed
  9. jrgpots

    Flashing Slip

    Marcia and others, I miss off center. It was our loss when he left. Jed
  10. I really appreciate everyone input. Project development is a whole new area for me. I had been trying read up on this topic. Did you know there is ano entire nomenclature or language associated with fundraising. In fact "fundraising" is a bad or outdated word? The proper term is "development" and a volunteer is a "gift agent." Does that mean if people don't know about a fundraiser its volunteer could called a "secret agent?" Just a thought, Jed
  11. Mark and Chis, What would be your perfect fundraiser? This does not need to include art? You have been around the block and have great wisdom with this. Mea, how do I make something great out of something so burdensome to the true creators of beauty, artists,,,you guys,,,And how can we "repay you?" Min, I think this could work if we put on an exhibit in a gallery. However, as Chris said the buying may be sparse. Jed
  12. I thought about asking a cemetery to donate free dirt...decided against it. Even if the ground has a lot of clay in it, it just seems off. It's not a good idea to ask an animal shelter for donation. You end up with 15 cats, 5 dogs and lots of Easter bunnies. Jed
  13. Tyler, I love this idea. This gives those artists with autism a way of helping others as well as earn money. This works. One concern might be that we are exploiting them. But as long as they keep what they sell, it should be ok. Once the camp is running, we plan on having a gallery and auction for the kids' work. They keep what they sell. Hopefully we will be able to have a fund dedicated to the purchasing of "nonsellable pieces" as well. This latter program will not be meant as a fund raiser. Instead it is a self confidence booster for budding artists.
  14. I think i hear what is being said. It does seem artists are asked more than other groups. For this I am sorry. I also hear the need to have some type of sincerely showing thanks. I do like what Chris is saying. It seems "reciprocity" is what is lacking in the process, if I am hearing correctly. Anyway, I think I will put this thread to rest. Jed
  15. This is a whole new playing arena. I am so greatful for all your advice. I really feel you guys donate so much right her in the forum. I know Mark has been a great sounding board. I really respect you collective wisdom. To be honest, I hate the calls on my phone from "disabled postal workers" or "you attended our university once" please give. Now I find myself doing the asking.....funny thing about carma! Would an auction for services be better? What I mean by that is establish an auction where people could buy services. I believe that is tax deductible. For example A lawyer donates 1 hour of time. A mechanic donates one tune up or a nanny donates child watching time. A Potter donates a spot in a workshop. Would this work? Jed
  16. Camp for autism kids called "Aspie's Retreat." I formed the 501©3 July 6, 2017.
  17. jrgpots

    Larvikanite As A Glaze Core

    How is this different than larvkite? Larvikite is a feldspar I think that is found in the fjords of Norway. Is that what you have?....very cool Jed
  18. You may want to pump in Argon instead of nitrogen. I would suggest making a saggar that has a small inlet for the gas. Jed
  19. That is like saying "Santa has come, now go back to bed."....I agree with Dick. Waiting...waiting,,,waiting LOL Jed
  20. If I keep to low fire, below 04, could I use a Dutch oven as a saggar? Has anyone does this before and like to report on its outcome? Jed
  21. I have a burn barrel where i burn the tumble weed. I think i will try a load in some pots first as shown in Marcia's pics. My daughter is here and wants to do some pit firing...
  22. jrgpots

    Google Yourself!

    When I Google myself I get reviews of how mean of a doctor I am....sigh..... I think i will go be mean to some clay. I'm going to pound it flat and force it to do what I want it to do! Jed
  23. jrgpots

    What Can I Do Here?

    A bright colored paint on the ironwork would help a lot too. Jed
  24. Today I just got the paperwork from the Lawyer. It's official I have started "Aspie's Retreat" a camp for kids with autism. Art, pottery, music, eventually equestrian therapy, and ATV activitieswill be part of the program. Now I have to hit people up for donations. I'm so excited!

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      Congrats on getting the official part done! Good luck on your donation drive.

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      Judith B

      wow congrats that sounds like an amazing project!



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