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    Red Lodge, Montana
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    birdwatching, critter watching, fishing, cooking, travel, writing, civic engagement .
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    Diagonal 11 Woodfiring Symposium at La Meridiana, June 17-June 30, Exhibition in Faenza June 30-July3,

    3rd Annual Ceramics Invitational, Radius Gallery, Missoula,  Montana May 10-June 18

    Alternative Firing Class , San Miguel de Allende, Mexico  Oct 8-12

    my website includes many "how-to" pages for making quick terra terra sig, to building raku kilns. http://www.marciaselsorstudio.com

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  1. snow storm yesterday and today. I will quit shoveling until it stops except for  path for my dog.


    1. Denice


      How much snow have you gotten, we may get 2 inches this weekend but the weather man isn't positive about that.   So far this year we have gotten a total of 1 inch, this is the most snow we have had in three years.  Kansas is already in a drought, it is so dry here the snow evaporates before it hits the ground.  Denice

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