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I bought some from japancrafts.com.au . Their web site has a page that gives instructions for applying the transfers. They worked fairly well for me, but I have made only limited use of them and on very small dry pressed wares that were bisque fired to only a quite fragile state. The seller above recommended 1100-1300 C firing.


Dampen the ware with a lightly dampened sponge, apply the transfer, smooth down with a lightly dampened sponge, wait 2-3 minutes then cautiously peel the paper, laying it back down and sponging again if the color is not completely transferring. Too much water will dissolve and run the color.



I read somewhere that these transfers may have a limited shelf life.


There is video online showing similar transfers being printed in China. They were printed by intaglio from metal plates on small hand presses in a very rudimentary workshop.

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Thanks bny - I like the look of these but they're quite pricey, especially with the addition of shipping costs. However this made me do some price comparisons and the US supplier comes out much cheaper. Quality may be an issue, but for a first try I think they're worth going for. I can find nothing in the UK. No doubt someone will post a local supplier the minute I've placed an overseas order!

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I have used some from Chinese Clay Art that look very similar with great results.  I had better luck with bisque ware than greenware.  I cut out my piece, drug it through the water, placed it on my pot, and used a sponge to press it on.  Then peeled the paper off.  Sprayed clear over it, and it was quite nice.  I fire to cone 6.  A friend has used them in cone 10 reduction with good results as well



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