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Between Two Wheels

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I don't have a wheel yet but am planning to take a class early next year so have been reading the topics about wheels. Does the Bailey reverse? I'm left handed and it might be better for me to throw in reverse as I've read under other topics. Sorry to kind of but in but was wondering reading all the postings if both or only one of these wheels spin both directions.


I do love that my slab roller will roll in from either direction so having that option on a wheel I think is going to be a requirement for me.


Thanks for any input on this.



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@Pugaboo I strongly suggest not throwing clockwise, because if you ever attend workshops at other studios, you may end up on a wheel that does not reverse. It's not a lefty-righty issue, anyway. Most western cultures throw counter-clockwise, most Asian cultures throw clockwise. If you moved to Japan would you throw clockwise, as is the norm there, or would you switch to counter-clockwise because you're left handed?

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