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  1. I get the sentiment but also like that when a lens is narrow in its ranges that which is in focus is sharply so compared to and everything being softly in focus Personally I kinda like the videos on a turntable to see the whole from coupled with sharp ficus stills and detail shots when appropriate. There was no dis intended in saying the choice of shot was either biased to the pot or to the photo. Sorry it came off that way
  2. Our impatience is usually kept by our firing schedule with our electric kiln. If we spend the day firing - hit cone before bedtime. We let it cool while we sleep. In the morning it's less than 200 degrees, and yes - it's just like Christmas! We can't even drink a cup of coffee before we run to the kiln in the morning...
  3. I like this shot! Such tension with the simplicity of form!
  4. My partner (the main potter I assist) has formal education and a decade of mentorship, and I don't know how she would know what she does without it! Especially glaze creation and firing. I am always blown away at the complexity of something I used to cursorily think of as "simple". However, if one is sincerely interested in educating oneself, and puts the 10,000 hours in? Nothing could stop them!
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