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  1. Our impatience is usually kept by our firing schedule with our electric kiln. If we spend the day firing - hit cone before bedtime. We let it cool while we sleep. In the morning it's less than 200 degrees, and yes - it's just like Christmas! We can't even drink a cup of coffee before we run to the kiln in the morning...
  2. I like this shot! Such tension with the simplicity of form!
  3. My partner (the main potter I assist) has formal education and a decade of mentorship, and I don't know how she would know what she does without it! Especially glaze creation and firing. I am always blown away at the complexity of something I used to cursorily think of as "simple". However, if one is sincerely interested in educating oneself, and puts the 10,000 hours in? Nothing could stop them!
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