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anyone know how to achieve this effect?


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Could be a Dry Lakes glaze - there are several available that have super heavy, thick textures in various colors just like this.  Such as this one:  Luguna Dry Lake Blue

There are also several bead and pebble glazes out there that crackle and crawl and due to the rounded edges I suspect that more than the Dry Lakes - such as this Ritual Glaze Bead and here are some Brain Coral Crawl Glaze Recipes

Here's another one though a little different look to it shown on Pinterest Crawling Glaze

So maybe that will be helpful to you.  I have used this kind of glaze heavily on stoneware before and it's HUGELY FREAKING FUN.  But sometimes it's pricy too.  You can also try layering it on thickly and doing multiple fires to see how it progresses!

I imagine if you texture your ceramic body first and then apply this you can really push it further and that may be what he did.  Good luck!

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