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Handheld Atomizer

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Because of some detailed stamping on a hand-built piece, I thought I might use the atomizer with clear glaze/cone 5 on two fairly flat surfaces (trying to avoid small glaze bubbles from forming if dipped). Curious about how many coats I should I expect to spray on with this device - experience? Thanks!


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I have used similar products frequently with stains and glazes.  As @Chillystates not great for overall glazing, but useful in many ways. I you have highly textured surfaces you may use stain or glaze at angles across a piece to accent the texture. These work well over a base coat of glaze, dipped or sprayed on. At the same time the slow build up of color over texture will show many variations of depth in the surface. The latest slab/wheel combination piece in my galleries is an example of a highly textured slab surface with cobalt and iron stains applied first, painted and sponged glaze added on second, and thirdly a series of sprayed on glazes that I was not familiar with only using test tile references to build up the surface. Load the image into an edit program an look at it closely. . . . you may be surprised.




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On 10/2/2023 at 8:04 PM, Ben xyz said:

(trying to avoid small glaze bubbles from forming if dipped)

I have used a rubber tool (looks like a pencil with a rubber tip) to smooth out these kinds of bubbles/holes after glaze dries. I've also used a paint brush to dab a tiny amount of wet glaze in the holes.... have to do it sometimes if your finger can't get in there to smooth it out.

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