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thank you roberta and wildflower!  

i knew for a long time there was something worthwhile in pomona but did not know what it was.  thought it was a clay supplier, don't know why.  good info, sent to my friend jan who lives nearby.  we traveled all over britain back in 2002 visiting potteries and had a great time.  thanks.  (i drove, she shifted gears.)

craft contemporary  sounds like a good place to visit as well.   i hope it works for jan.   looking forward to a great time.  thank you.


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cannot say enough good things about AMOCA.   there were so many of the pieces in the many books i have read over the years that i was stunned to turn the corner and see them.   the couple who lent them for this exhibit were photographed with some of the collection not on display.  unbelievable.    books are great but to actually see a pot that is huge and perfect had an impact that measurements printed under a photo cannot.  could have stayed all day.   the contemporary crafts location was not close enough for a visit.

there is a craft fair that is apparently year round in laguna beach.  the "tents" are permanent buildings and have many different types of work.  a glass blower sits inside a cage about 20x20 feet that keeps the public safe but able to see everything being done.  potters are close to the entrance and numerous.   great place for visiting.  named Sawdust


thanks for the suggestions.

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So glad you had a great visit to AMOCA and finding the Sawdust Festival. I had several memorable experiences at AMOCA, including meeting some of the late ceramic greats, Paul Soldner and Don Reitz.

If you're out again in the summer, a great all-day excursion in Laguna is to start at the Sawdust Festival, then 1 block down the street to the Art-a-fair, then across the street to the ticketed Laguna art festival show.  Your ticket gets you a free entrance to the Art-a-fair and to the evening performance of the pageant of the master's which is an unbelievable performance in an outdoor amphitheater.  Famous paintings and sculptures are performed by a live cast who are costumed and painted that with special lighting "turn" into the actual look of the real painting or sculpture. The show always ends with DaVinci's, "Last Supper". Prior to the show they have an outdoor lawn picnic area with tables where many bring in large basket feasts or just wine and snacks while enjoying a free show of live music (alternating and may famous artists) This is central to the surrounding art displays that you can continue to peruse until showtime. There are several food vendors inside as well as a great restaurant, the Tivoli Terrace. This a great day of art that leaves the art enthusiast well satiated. 

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