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What glaze is good with goerg & schneider clay, having crazing issues


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Good day,

I am new at pottery and have a huge problem finding suitable transparent/clear glaze and underglaze for my body of clay. I use 254 and 240 from georg & schneider.

I always get crazing and pottery keeps on cracking for days. 
Any suggestins what should I use in terms of glaze and underglaze?


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Hi Zoe,

Welcome to the Forum!

The 254 and 240 both look to be vitrified at 1240C, cone 7; are you glaze firing to cone 7?
0254: Pottery Passion by GOERG & SCHNEIDER
0240: Pottery Passion by GOERG & SCHNEIDER

Are you using commercially prepared glazes, or mixing your own?
If mixing, please post the recipe.

Sorry I don't have any specific glaze suggestions.
The low COE liner glaze I was working on fits some light stonewares I found; let me know if you'd like the recipe.

Perhaps another Forum member will have specific suggestions.

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