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qotw pres, consider this one. did your school have hands on subjects, shop, typing, home economics, sewing, anything where you used your hands?

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I should give this a chance to be a qotw, but I can’t help myself. I teach art in a k-12 school. You wouldn’t believe the post-pandemic struggles children are having with things you and I would consider simple. Scissors, tying knots, folding paper... using a paper clip! It was getting bad before the pandemic, now it’s undeniable. Ask art teachers, kids (in the USA, at least) are losing fine motor skills with their hands. They are definitely getting better at navigating digital user interfaces though. 

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Folks, as much as I love having help with the QotW, I would prefer questions to be posted in the pool as I regularly monitor it, and use it as a way to keep track of ideas. In the future, instead of a new suggestion for a QotW, post it here:

I will use the suggested question mentioned here as todays post. Post your replies to that post in the new posting.





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