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Small studio dust collector suggestions

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Hi there, I am looking for any suggestions for a small-scale dust collector that I can use in my basement studio. The space is difficult to maintain cleanliness being a historic looking space already and am interested in helping myself (and my lungs) by  purchasing a smaller sized dust collector to run while mixing my small batch clays and glazes.  Preferably something that is portable. And yes I always wear a fitted respirator while mixing, too. I have thought about rigging up a vacuum system to run while working but would definitely prefer something quieter and more stable. I also am not sure the level of small particle capture a simple shop-vac will do. I’m thinking of things I used while attending university and could only dream of a flexible arm attachment but those babies seem to only be beyond my budget. Anyways, any suggestions can help in my research!

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Hi and welcome to the forum!

Honestly, outside of either a professional studio or an educational facility of some kind, prevention is better than cure, especially if you don’t have much of a budget. Good studio habits that keep dust down in the first place are low cost, low input, and highly effective. The air filtering solutions that work are expensive, especially if you’re a recent grad. 

We all know the drill. Wear an N99 or higher respirator, wet cleanup, wet mop, cover your bucket between dry ingredient additions when mixing glazes indoors, mix outdoors weather permitting, work clean, don’t use fans because they stir up dust. Bonus points for things like studio shoes that don’t leave the studio, frequent washing of any towels/cloths/aprons, no canvas on tables,  etc. 

If you’ve got a basement that has a textured floor, get some self levelling compound and make it easier to mop. Or a piece of vinyl flooring if you’re renting. 

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