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Found 7 results

  1. Hi there, I am looking for any suggestions for a small-scale dust collector that I can use in my basement studio. The space is difficult to maintain cleanliness being a historic looking space already and am interested in helping myself (and my lungs) by purchasing a smaller sized dust collector to run while mixing my small batch clays and glazes. Preferably something that is portable. And yes I always wear a fitted respirator while mixing, too. I have thought about rigging up a vacuum system to run while working but would definitely prefer something quieter and more stable. I also am not sure the level of small particle capture a simple shop-vac will do. Iā€™m thinking of things I used while attending university and could only dream of a flexible arm attachment but those babies seem to only be beyond my budget. Anyways, any suggestions can help in my research!
  2. Hello! I am currently looking for someone who is interested in sharing the rent of a private studio space in Berkeley, CA. It is an 8'x20' space with everything you need to create and finish your work (size permitting). I have a 2-collar manual Skutt kiln and Shimpo wheel. There is a lot of shelf space, and it has table space for hand-builders. I mostly throw, so ideally you are a hand-builder so we don't have overlap when trying to use the wheel. I have a collection of raw materials for making glazes in the studio as well. I would be open to sharing these materials/glazes with you. The cost of the rent is $200 per month. With this, you would have 24/7 access, storage space for WIP, and access to a kiln. I have a large collection of tools but would prefer you bring/use your own. I have been using this space for over a year now on my own. However, I am looking to offset some of the costs of rent for the right person. Please email me at joseph.powden@gmail.com to discuss details or if you have any additional questions. Cheers!
  3. Hey everyone! I used to have a very small scale ceramic studio where I made ceramics for about 6 years full time. I was pretty lax with my cleaning so I am worried about developing silicosis. For the last 3 years of my practice I wore a proper mask with changeable filters full time. I wasn't mixing clays, but I mixed small amounts of glaze but used mostly pre-made commercial wet glazes. Still though, I was young and could have done a MUCH better job in regards to cleaning and it was definitely a bit dusty at times. I am now starting ceramics again full time in a new studio. I aim to keep it pristine and will only be producing small slab work pieces. Is 6 years full time exposure to clay dust a cause for concern? Most information I find online is from construction which seems like a very different ballgame. Thanks so much!
  4. From the album: kilns

    This is my expanded kiln shed holding all 7 of my kilns and a soldier mixer on wheels. 3 various sized electric including the huge oval in the center, plus 4 various sized raku kilns that I use for obvara, saggar including soluble salts, raku and foil saggar. The pulley kiln is open with the chamber raised. This shed will provide shelter for firing in the winter as well as compliance with open burning during forest fire season. Very much relieved to have this .
  5. From the album: Work in Progress

    Having a mad and intense slip trailing session. I'm making these mugs specially as gifts for my husband's coworkers.

    © Copyright Giselle Massey 2015

  6. From the album: What I am up to

    One angle of my basement studio. It's not perfect but it works well.
  7. From the album: What I am up to

    Another view of my workspace. From this angle you can see the workbench that I built for my wife.
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