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Buildings insurance for home studio

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I am currently in the process of buying my first house. I had the intention to turn the cellar into a home studio, with my kiln and wheel in there. Currently I am struggling to find buildings insurance that will cover the kiln in the basement and the fact that it’s a room for my small business within the house. 


Does anyone have any experience in trying to obtain buildings insurance to cover your home studio? If so I would love to know which provider you went with! 

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State Farm typically doesn't care about kilns in the house, however since you're doing it as a home business and not just a hobby, that puts thing into a different category. However State Farm does offer business insurance, too, so I would check them out.

Another option is to find a local insurance broker who can shop around for you.

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Since you are in England I am on this side of the pond I'm not familiar enough with English insurers. I would shop this around to various companies.

You could start out as a hobby and later switch to a business which may be easier with insurers

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I’m going to tag @Chilly and @PeterHin on this one. Being in Canada and the US, many of us don’t know  how the insurance system works in England, but I’m hoping those two regular contributors might have better insight. I’ve also got an ask in to an expat friend on Facebook, and I’ll report back if I get anything helpful from her.

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My kiln is in my greenhouse.  TBH I'd never thought about telling my insurance company that I have it.  I don't use it for business, it's hobby only, and as it runs off a 13amp plug/socket, it is less power than a domestic oven.  

My best suggestion for insurance would be a broker, but they'll probably never have heard of a kiln.  (I tried to get insurance some years back to cover my cycle training business and no-one would touch it, except for Cycles UK). 

Or the NFU as they deal with farm and other rural properties, so might be more clued up. 

Or someone like Potterycrafts or Essex Kilns, or similar ceramics based business might have some idea. 

Also, are you a member of any pottery associations?  I'm a member of Anglian Potters, so I'll ask the question on their FB group.

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Hi there! Congrats on buying your first house and turning the cellar into a home studio! I can imagine that it's been a bit of a struggle trying to find the right buildings insurance to cover your kiln and small business. I don't have any personal experience with this, but I did come across financial solutions for medical professionals and thought it might be worth checking out. They specialize in helping medical professionals with their insurance needs, so maybe they could help you find the right coverage for your home studio. Good luck with your search!

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