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Sustainability in your ceramics practice survey

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Hello, my name is Ross Rosenberg and I am a ceramics major at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. I am surveying artists as part of a semester-long project in my Life Cycles class. I’m researching the impact of clay on ceramicists' health and the environment and what alternatives may exist that could or are used in our field. The findings of this research project will be shared publicly within the Mass Art community through an analysis and poster presentation. If have time and are willing to answer a few questions about your artistic practice, it would be much appreciated! 


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Hi Ross!

Water use, hmm, from my pov, it's more complicated than "use" - excepting for mixing glaze, all my water is reclaimed/gray to start with.
From there, I settle and reuse water until at some point it (the sqelch from the bottom of the mop bucket) waters the succulents in our front yard.
Oh, it's used - thoroughly.

"Alternate fuel" may include solar generated electricity; however, the connotation is fossil, for "fuel" burns.

Question seven: respirators/masks, designated clothing, gloves, goggles/glasses, practices, etc.
Ventilation, well, that's rather general, eh?

Take care, enjoy school!

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